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Dr. Rob Toonen ( AKA: Biogeek), University of CA, Davis - An Intoduction to Larval Culture
Nice aquascape at the Sea Dwelling Creatures booth


Cocktail party - A little blurry, but par for the course ;-) That's me in the green chatting with Dale Vladic. Dale, and his wife Kim did a phenomenal job this year with MACNA XIII registrations. Kudos guys!
Dr. "Charlie" Veron - Cheif Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and author of the recently published, 3-volume, Corals of the World.


Stuart Keefer - Senior Aquarist & Collector for the National Aquarium in Baltimore
CMAS volunteers worked round the clock at the registration desk.


Leafy Seadragons at the Baltimore Aquarium
MASC President & Webmaster, Connie Hannon (AKA: carolina98) Yup, it's me gang. :-)

Photography by MASC member, Tim O'Dear.

All photos were shot with a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera.

More MACNA XIII photos to come...


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